Interior design trends for 2017

Couple meets with interior designer

Spring has sprung!

Brighten up your decor with inspiration from the latest design trends. But before you get going, remember to let your home insurance provider know.

5 Design Trends In 2017

  • Goodbye TV, hello quality time!

    Technology-free living rooms allow families to reconnect, away from the screen.

  • Large-format tiles are trending.

    With sizes of up to 3 ft. by 6 ft., these tiles can create an impressive effect around a fireplace.

  • Mismatched kitchen cabinets are all the rage.

    Dare to be different by going with high-gloss anthracite on the bottom cabinets and matte white Shaker-style ones on the top.

  • A heated floor for a warm welcome.

    They feel great and they’re great for helping boots defrost faster; just think how cozy they’ll be the next time you slip them on.

  • Metallics are hot!

    Create a warm, elegant ambiance by incorporating rose gold, copper and brass into your decor.

Check Your Insurance

If you’re thinking about renovating, let your insurer know. That way you’ll be sure you’re well covered during and after the work, in the event of damage, injury, or theft.

  • Make sure your contractor is insured.

    Contractors must have general liability insurance of at least $1 million to cover you – primarily in the case of damage to your property or that of your neighbours. Ask for written documentation and share it with your broker – they’ll know how to guide you.

  • Inform your insurer of the renovations planned.

    Most home insurance contracts allow you to carry out renovations worry-free. However, certain questions must be addressed:

    • What is the estimated cost of the planned renovations?
    • Whose insurance covers on-site theft – yours or your contractor’s?
    • Do you have to provide proof of permit or other documentation to your insurer?
    • Will you be at home or away while the work is being done?
    • Do you expect to do any of the work yourself?

    All these factors can affect your coverage. Be sure you fully understand what’s not covered and remember that your insurance does not cover you for work that’s poorly done. According to insurers, doing business with a certified contractor is the best way to ensure your renovations are a success.

  • Let your insurer know when the renovations are complete.

    If the work done has increased your property value, it may be necessary to adjust your insurance coverage.

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