Get your home ready for fall

Boy playing under fall trees

Good-bye warm sun, hello cooler days. As we push deeper into the colourful season of fall, there are ways to prepare your house so it’s ready for the winter.

Not only that but you could save on unnecessary home insurance claims. Refer to the checklist below to get started.

Your Fall Checklist

Outside your home

  • Clean your eavestroughs and downspouts to ensure proper drainage
  • Repair damage on the outside of your home, including cracks or storm damage
  • Caulk window trim and door frames to ensure that heat doesn’t escape your home
  • Install weatherstripping to exterior doors and windows to help keep the heat in
  • Winterize your pool or hot tub
  • Turn off the water supply to outdoor taps. Open the taps to completely drain any remaining water and leave them in the open position until the spring
  • Always clear snow away from the foundation of your house to reduce the chance for basement leaks

Inside your home

  • Check heating ductwork and water pipe insulation
  • Inspect any washing machine and dishwasher hoses for cracks or leaks, and clean the filters
  • Learn the location of, and how to use, the water shut-off valve
  • Have the furnace and air conditioner serviced professionally
  • Have any chimneys cleaned


  • With the clocks falling back on Sunday Nov. 1, 2015, now is a good time to replace the batteries in your smoke detector and carbon dioxide alarms.