Prevent windstorm and hail damage

Stormy sky


Check your Insurance Policy

Talk to your home insurance broker/review your insurance policy and what coverage exists in regards to hail and wind damage

Protect your Car

Park your vehicle in a garage or carport. If you cannot, to help minimize the impact of hail, you can cover your car with a thick blanket

Don’t Drive

If possible, avoid driving your car in the hail – the impact is stronger when your car is in motion.

Roof Inspection

Regularly inspect your roof to keep it free from defects and in good condition

Outdoor Units Protection

Install protective shields for equipment such as HVAC units and install coverings for your roof and skylights

Protect your Windows

Close all windows/doors during a hail storm and where you can, install impact-resistant shutters over all large windows and glass doors

Outdoor Furniture

If you have any patio furniture, BBQs, bikes, toys, etc. in your yard, make sure to secure or relocate them. In addition to being damaged, with the high winds that accompany hailstorms, these items could become projectiles.

Choose Resistant Materials

When replacing your roof or exterior finishing, use materials that can help to mitigate damage to your home.

Alert Notifications

Subscribe to severe weather alert notifications so you can know when and where a hail or windstorm is expected to hit.

The following are samples of roofing materials that are windstorm and hail resistant:


The following are samples of exterior finishing materials that are windstorm and hail resistant:

Insurance Fact

Did you know? Hail is formed when updrafts in thunderclouds carry raindrops upward into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere, where they freeze and merge into lumps of ice. When the lumps become too heavy to be supported by the updraft, they fall to the ground at speeds of up to 100 km/h or more.