Smart homes are here

Smart home app on laptop

Imagine this home insurance nightmare: while you and your family are out of town, the pipes in your basement sprout a water leak.

Now imagine this: your home sends you a text message notifying you of this accident.

In the near future, embedded sensors could trigger an automatic shutdown, and simultaneously generate a work order for a nearby plumber. Now that’s what we would call a smart home.

While we aren’t yet in the Jetson era, the technology behind the modern smart home would still astound the generations before us. So why buy into the buzz? In this article, we’ll examine the benefits of the connected home and how it makes homeownership more convenient and cost effective.

Some Products To Make Your Home Smarter, Your Family Safer, And Your Wallet Heavier.

Timed Lighting.

Devices that automatically turn your lights on and off, can make it look like someone is home at all times, which can make you less of a target for a home burglary.

Smart Locks.

These locks allow homeowners to quickly and easily gain access to their homes through their smartphones or Bluetooth key fobs, without the danger of having their keys fall into the wrong hands. It also reduces the need of leaving a spare set outside your home.

Smart Thermostats.

Thermostats that can be preprogramed and controlled remotely, making monitoring your home’s temperature more convenient and cost effective. Some thermostats even have a learning algorithm to predict which temperatures are ideal–based on past usage. In both cases, the smart thermostat lowers energy bills.

Door and Window Sensors.

Monitoring access points to your home is as easy as looking at your phone. This is widely considered to be a primary feature in home security suites.

Smart Smoke Detectors.

The latest technology detects smoke, fire and carbon monoxide, and will even notify your smartphone to alert you if something’s wrong.

Water and Flood Sensors.

These can be lifesavers (and wallet savers) if your home is prone to flooding. By placing sensors near dishwashers, washing machines or under sinks, you will receive a notification in the event of a leak.

Why Should You Care About Smart Homes?

It can prevent and minimize damage.

Safety and saving money are key priorities to any homeowner. Updating your home to keep it safer, even while you are away, can ease your worries – and your expenses.

It can help lower your energy bills.

Controlling the lights and temperature of your home will save you money. If you forget to turn off the thermostat or the bedroom light, you can do so remotely–saving you money with every bill.

It’s easy to install and use.

Many devices can be installed by simply plugging it into an outlet and controlling it via smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

For the time being, they’re all sold separately, allowing you to pick and choose which devices to install, based on your preference. At the end of the day, smart homes are designed to protect properties and make a homeowner’s life more convenient and cost effective.

But of course, whether you buy into these home technologies is up you. Just be smart about it.